Letter from a Colony Sister

Dearest Sisters,


In 1994 I had no idea how my life was going to change!  I started college with the sole intent of "not going greek"... I wasn't a sorority girl.  I had "heard" about what sorority life was and there was none of it that sounded good to me.  After fall rush (what you now call recruitment) happened, I started to see fliers for a new sorority coming on campus, Sigma Kappa.  I decided to go to the informational meeting, saw an amazing group of women and the rest is history.

I am so proud to say I am part of the Colony class.  As an active I enjoyed every moment of recruitment, talking with potential new sisters, going through the four nights of parties, and wearing our black dresses for pref!  I loved every moment of getting paired with a potential new sister on that final night, to watch her eyes light up when she saw how she would fit in our group.  There was nothing like waiting for Bid Day to arrive and watching for our newest doves to run towards Roberta and jump into our arms!

If having new sisters join our group wasn't enough fun, living in Roberta was my other biggest highlight!  I spent two amazing years in Roberta going down that hall just hanging out in different sisters rooms.  There was always someone up to share your happy moments with and to lean on when the day was a bit rough.  You see, I didn't grow up with sisters, and these fabulous women filled a void I never realized I had.  There was so much laughter, more than a few tears, but more love than I ever thought possible.  Roberta was an absolute destination and a dorm I'll be grateful for... even if "Roberta" played a few tricks on me!

Now 20+ years later, the sisters I joined with still impact my life.  We share stories and pictures on Facebook, try to get together from time to time in Kansas City and watch and support each other as our families grow.  As an advisor of my chapter, I get to see the amazing legacy that I can say I helped start.  I cherish seeing the continued diversity in our sisters, the fabulous successes our alumnae and actives achieve and feeling like the group I was so afraid to join at the beginning was one of the best decision I ever made. 

Sisterhood is not something that ends once your college days do, sisterhood is truly forever.  Enjoy every moment of the years you have at Northwest, but know that once you leave campus there is an even larger group of women waiting to embrace you.  I hope you find you've made the right decision, I know it is a decision I never doubted once made.  One heart, one way.


In Sigma's Love and Mine,

Jennifer (Thompson) Scott