Recruitment is right around the corner and we cannot wait to meet you lovely ladies! Our chapter knows how stressful recruitment can be, so we hope to answer some questions that you all may be wondering!

1) How do I sign up? 

 You can sign up for recruitment by copy and pasting the link!


2) When does Fall Recruitment start? 

Fall Recruitment begins on September 6th and goes until September 8th. 

3) What will I need to wear each day? 

Day One: Show off your Bearcat pride with a Northwest t-shirt or tank top with your choice of bottoms and shoes!

Day Two: The recruitment shirt that will be given to you by your Gamma Chis. You also get to chose your bottoms and shoes!

Day Three: This day is more formal so wear a dress, romper or skirt with a nice pair of shoes. 

4) What is a PNM? 

A PNM, or Potential New Member, is someone who is able to participate and/or going through the recruitment process. 

5) What should I bring to recruitment? 

Recruitment is an all-day process so when you are done for the night you will not want to go home and do homework! We recommend you bring your homework with you. You will also be doing a lot of talking so we recommend you bring a drink and snacks. 

6) What does Gamma Chi mean? 

A Gamma Chi is someone who disaffiliates from their chapter to aid the PNM's as they go through the recruitment process in an unbiased way. Their job is to help PNMs find their home in the Panhellenic community!

7) Can I still go through recruitment if I am not a freshman? 

YES! You are absolutely still able to go through the recruitment process. 

8) What is a legacy? 

A sorority legacy is a woman whose specified relative is or was a member of the sorority. Each chapter has different policies about legacies, so if you have any questions about this feel free to contact us!!

9) If I sign up for recruitment do I have to join a sorority? 

Although we encourage you to continue through the process of recruitment, you by no means are obligated to continue the process if you decide that it isn't something you want to do. 

10) Can I still join without going through Fall recruitment? 

There is a less formal recruitment process that is held in the Spring, we call it Spring recruitment. This is an option for some people, but we recommend you go through Fall recruitment because not all sororities will do recruitment in the Spring, but all sororities participate in the Fall.