Chapter History

Sigma Kappa - Kappa Alpha has been a proud member of the Greek Community at Northwest Missouri State University since 1995.We are one of the five sororities on campus. Once a member, our sisters become part of the 15% of students involved in Greek life at Northwest.

Getting good grades is a achievement Greek life at Northwest Missouri State University strives for. Last semester Kappa Alpha received the highest grades of any sorority at Northwest. We also had the highest GPA of any new member class.

As second year members our sisters get the chance to live in a dorm that consists of only members of campus sororities. Because of the bonds that build between members of different sororities while living in Roberta Hall, Kappa Alpha prides itself on Greek life unity.

Even 143 years later Kappa Alpha still lives out the four values our sorority was founded on- friendship, loyalty, service, and personal growth.