Chapter Chairwomen

Nina Kutensky

Public Relations

Nina is majoring in Psychology with a minor in Sociology and is from Kansas City, Missouri. She loves Sigma Kappa because it has given her another home, where she is welcomed and supported by everyone in it. "It's allowed me to truly embrace the idea of a sisterhood."

Mackensie Nelson

Triangle Correspondent and Historian

Mackensie is from Falls City, NE and is majoring in Elementary Education. Mackensie loves Sigma Kappa because "It has made me grow in so many different areas and keeos me reaching for my goals!"

Georgia Mcgoniglle

Social Chair

Georgia is from Kansas City. One thing Georgia loves about Sigma Kappa is "I love all the people I have met and created relationships with along with getting a position and branching out of my comfort zone."

Sierra Gillis

Continuous Open Membership Chairwoman

Sierra is from Iowa City, Iowa and is majoring in Early Childhood Education with a minor in Child and Family Studies. Sierra loves Sigma Kappa because "I have made so many great connections with the women in my chapter. I have found forever friends that I wouldnt trade for the world".

Isabelle Howayek


Isabelle is from Lees Summit, MO and is majoring in Business Management. Isabelle loves Sigma Kappa because "Sigma Kappa has made me grow in more ways than I realize. It has gotten me out of my comfort zone and pushes me to get out and try new things that can help my future. I'd say the best thing sigma kappa gave me is my best friend meredith."

Sophie Daniels

Sisterhood Chair

Sophie is from Lees Summit, Missouri and is majoring in Marketing. Sophie loves Sigma Kappa because "Sigma Kappa has given me the opportunity to grow my leadership skills and meet new people!"

Maia Johnson

Activities Chair

Maia is from Louisville, NE and is majoring in Exercise Science. Maia loves Sigma Kappa because "I love the atmosphere and girls make me feel at home every time I walk through the door".

Gracie Kotalik

Overall Homecoming Chair

Gracie loves Sigma Kappa because "I love this chapter because of all the opportunities it has brought me."

Mae Killeen

Suite Manager

Mae is from NE. Mae loves Sigma Kappa because "I have loved making new connections and growing as a person in this chapter. It has brought me friends and a place that I feel safe and welcomed in."

Delanie Hooker

Ritual Chair

Delanie is from FL and is majoring in Bio. Delanie loves Sigma Kappa because...

Mary Do

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Activities Chairwomen

Mary Do is from Kansas City, Missouri and is majoring in Marine Biology. Mary Do loves Sigma Kappa because "of the countless opportunities we offer to grow, whether it be as a person, friend, or student."